UPDATED - March 2, 2020

Royce Mathew -vs- the Walt Disney Company

*This serious matter is far from over.*

See documented proof how the Walt Disney Company (a publicly traded company) - really conducts business against the artist -
which includes their skillful crafting of fraudulent evidence and the deliberate adulteration of its own history.  

As recorded, the official Federal Court of Appeals video, the Court 2 to 1 ruling and official documents prove - that I, Royce Mathew, have been maliciously subjected to a variety of non-stop corrupt acts - including blatant lies, fraud, lies - “perjury”, deceit and various additional corrupt acts, including yet more lies upon lies as deliberately done by these people --- Robert Iger, Michael Eisner, Marty Sklar, (Marty Sklar directing, supervising and assisting Jason Surrell), Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, and Jerry Bruckheimer - the Walt Disney Company --- with which to first rob me of my creative property, and then to maliciously harm me and to also purposely prevent me of my constitutional right of due process.

Since I have exposed their elaborate fraud, the Walt Disney Company has been rewriting history yet again, engaging with more negationism and revisionism - which includes adulterating, modifying and changing their own prior fraudulent defense.

So for educational review - here is a link to freely view the public record of -- official photo proof documents, --- a Q & A, -- the Federal Court of Appeals video -- and ruling - of my serious claims against the Walt Disney Company.  --- As I am petitioning for Federal investigations, - and - I am also continuing to petition for the immediate FULL and complete resignation / removal of "Executive Chairman" Robert Iger - and the removal of all non-responsive board of directors.  Recently, newly appointed CEO Bob Chapek has been given the task to continue to cover-up and maintain Disney's ongoing elaborate fraud, lies and corruption.   ---  I am also seeking public scrutiny - including into the judicial corruption involving certain judges.   As based on their recorded actions, both the Florida and California Federal Court divisions corruptly work to help Disney install fear and maliciously harm me for seeking justice & accountability.   

PS: You think Michael Eisner had left Disney?  -- Well, in a master plan hairpin turn, November 2019, Michael Eisner has announced his  expansive partnership (TOPPS DISNEY) with the Walt Disney Company (which includes all Disney films & TV shows including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and the Muppets -- & -- TOPPS-DISNEY is also tied into Disney+ streaming).  -- Michael Eisner has done this by first buying TOPPS, and this collaborating partnership is also herald by Disney on their D23 website.   Michael Eisner has publicly declared this as being a "monumental moment".  

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Note: At the top of this webpage, on the left side - click on tab “photos & facts” to see photos of my 1994 supernatural pirate movie and text script comparisons. Also click on tab “page 3" which briefly highlights that for years, as the facts substantiate, that as I created and pitched my original work (via Disney, William Morris & CAA), Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (at Disney, William Morris & CAA) have been plagiarizing my creative work.

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U.S. Federal Court of Appeals For the Ninth Circuit
15-56726 Royce Mathew v. The Walt Disney Co. --- 2017

United States District Court: Case No. CV 06-4303 PSG (FMOx)
Central District of California - WESTERN DIVISION - 2006

United States District Court: Case No. 6:09-CV-160-ORL-28-DAB
Middle District of Florida - ORLANDO DIVISION - 2009

United States District Court: Case No. 6:05-CV-152-ORL-22-KRS
Middle District of Florida - ORLANDO DIVISION - 2005

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